Mornar Bar is making history in both ABA League and EuroCup this season. The Pride of Bar placed themselves as TOP 16 participant in Europe, while demonstrating force in Adriatic region with 9-2 score. Undoubtedly, our Jacob Pullen is recognized as the true leader of this highly successful group of immensely talented players and as the cornerstone of every Mornar success.

Jacob Pullen great all-season statistics looks even more impressive in last 5 ABA League games and 3 decisive clashes of EuroCup First Phase. In Adriatic, Pullen is torturing nets with averages of 25.6 ppg and 26.2 PIR, while in EuroCup he achieved 22.3 ppg and 20 PIR, always been a difference maker.

We wish this impressive run continues for Mornar Bar and our Jacob Pullen!


Photo: ABA League, KK Mornar Bar